Its a small world after all

This past two weeks I have had the pleasure of working at an amazing little festival in Kent called Small World.

Small World brings together all manner of open minded creative people in an environment conducive to self healing and opening consciousness.

My first Small World experience last May was complex but exactly what it needed to be. My estranged uncle who had been running the stewards, or Happy Helpers as they are called at Small World, was unable to make it due to being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away during the festival and I was given a unique opportunity to get to know him through the many beautiful people I met and learned from at Small World.

My second Small World in August last year I was driven to learn everything I could about how these amazing experiences were enabled. I worked on most of the crews and got to be a part of making the magic happen.

This spring I wanted to continue that process and was instead faced with an incredible eye opening experience. I was faced with many of my insecurities, blocks and limitations. I learnt the importance of community and the impact of my actions on others. Finding steady balance is a vital part of that and something I look forward to working on.

Among many of the highlights I had the pleasure of learning to build fires, learning a new Poi trick (threading the needle) and spending time with friends and family.

As for the music Small World hosts hundreds of the most talented musicians and artists I have had the pleasure of meeting. Quite often you will follow an amazing sound and after its all done the artists will stop and introduce themselves to one another having never met before they sat down and jammed.

Weather wise we had both blazing heat and and the most incredible lightning storms. What an amazing example of extremes in contrast together as one.

I would recomend this festival to any one who wants to meet incredible people and be a part of something wonderful while learning about community and themselves. It truly is a place to find inspiration and love.

Author: sunandmoonadventurer

Trying new things and finding new skills is my bread and butter. I'm in love on my own and I make every day and adventure. Never stop learning.

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