A New Born Adventure

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of spending time with my eldest cousin and his family as they awaited the arrival of a new baby. With 2 girls (3rd on the way), 2 boys, 3 cats and a dog they have their hands just about full. I am grateful for the opportunity to be there to help them through this time.

I am happy to announce that the little one was born over the weekend happy and healthy. We are truly blessed.

Got to hold the latest member of the Buxton clan for the first time today.

Babies are so small. I almost forgot how tiny and fragile they were. It may sound strange but with the last baby they had about to turn 4 I just can’t believe she is so tiny get over those tiny little hands!

As much as I have loved this family time I am looking forward to getting back out there for the next adventure.

Author: sunandmoonadventurer

Trying new things and finding new skills is my bread and butter. I'm in love on my own and I make every day and adventure. Never stop learning.

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