A night of magical introduction

Last night at an amazing little shop in Bournemouth called The Dark Side of the Mirror (definitely worth checking out) I had the pleasure of attending an introduction to magic. I have always been interested in both science and the mystical and this was an excellent opportunity to look into a combination of the two. I went in not knowing what to expect and was introduced to many new concepts. I have met many a friend proclaiming to be wicken, wizzard, pagan, magician and mystic of all manner on my journey and have always wanted to delve into this aspect of humanity a little further. After a brief history of magic and an in depth discussion on Crowly and various magical text I have come to the loose conclusion that there are many regimented and calculated processes in place to describe something that cannot be explained in the words of today. It was a powerful experience and I was most taken with some of the similarities between tribal spirituality and this apparently Victorian based faith of magic. Also interesting was the texts used to develop this religion have been based on ancient greek texts derived from old egyption faith. This path of knowledge transfer reflects other research I have done from a completely different angle. I look forward to learning more about these concepts without going to far down and rabbit holes.

Author: sunandmoonadventurer

Trying new things and finding new skills is my bread and butter. I'm in love on my own and I make every day and adventure. Never stop learning.

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